SpectraGuard LogoSpectra Logic recognizes customers have a vast range of business requirements; at Spectra we pride ourselves on meeting those needs and ensuring our customers are receiving the support they expect and require. SpectraGuard provides users with a comprehensive array of support options tailored to fit their businesses demands. From simple phone support and parts replacement, to complex on site requirements and focused service account management, we have a support offering to meet the needs of every customer.

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Standard Warranty

Spectra products are warranted for one year from date of shipment from the factory. The T-Series library and nTier Verde warranties include a SpectraGuard Next Business Day On Site service contract. The nTier 300/500/700 warranty includes a SpectraGuard Next Business Day service contract.

Next Business Day

Non-mission critical customers requiring assistance and replacement parts during regular business hours may find our Next Business Day support package meets their needs. Upon verification that the product requires repair, a part will be shipped for delivery and customer installation the next business day. Learn More

Next Business Day On Site

For organizations requiring a cost-effective solution, but no in need of immediate on site assistance, Next Business Day On Site provides support during regular business hours and on site parts replacement the following business day. Learn More

Same Business Day On Site

A perfect option for businesses requiring a rapid response throughout the business week, and less so on weekends and holidays. Same Business Day On Site affords the peace of mind of phone support 24x7 combined with a four-hour on site parts replacement feature during your regular business hours. Learn More

Four Hour On Site

High-availability IT environments requiring uptime 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year will find Four Hour On Site is the ideal support choice. SpectraGuard provides phone support and on site service around the clock. Once a part replacement is deemed necessary a representative will arrive with part in hand within 4 hours, ensuring quick and efficient resolution. Learn More

Technical Account Management (TAM)

Whether your operations include a single Spectra Logic product at your site, or multiple products around the globe, SpectraGuard’s Technical Account Management program provides peace of mind with a single point of contact who is familiar with the intricacies of your storage environment.  Your Technical Account Manager (TAM) knows your account, your history and your change policies – enabling them to provide the best guidance in decisions regarding your Spectra products. 

Through monitoring the progress of your cases, assisting with escalations, and ensuring you are informed of the latest status, a TAM saves you effort and involvement in your support cases and, most importantly, your time.   A TAM also provides proactive support by alerting you of upcoming firmware releases, reviewing scheduled ASL files for any areas of concern, and providing regular summary reports.  In short – a TAM allows you to focus on running your data center while they ensure your operations are running smoothly.  Paired with one of our onsite support offerings, Technical Account Management provides the most comprehensive service available for your crucial data protection operations. Learn More

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Assisted Self Maintenance (ASM)

When response times are critical and the business impact of downtime severe, our ASM support option can reduce response times to minutes, shortening potential outages dramatically. ASM is an industry-first support supplement which stocks a select group of parts on site for immediate use should the need arise. This allows customers to complete repairs with the remote guidance of support personnel, and promptly restore operations with the full assurance that on site support is available if needed. ASM is a perfect supplement to our Next Business Day, Same Business Day, or Four Hour On Site support offerings. Learn More

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Customer Self Maintenance (CSM)

This support offering is an option in locations where SpectraGuard Support is currently not available. Learn More


For further details on the terms and conditions of the provision of service, please review the Master Services Agreement.