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Spectra Logic’s Network Hardware Support Policy

As new protocols become available in the marketplace, Spectra Logic makes every effort to comply with as many of the mainstream Host Bus Adapter (HBA) and switch manufacturers as is feasible in today’s changing marketplace. We acquire HBAs and switches as needed to assure that we are compliant with the accepted industry standards for these protocols as they are published.


Recommended HBA Manufacturers

  • Adaptec
  • ATTO
  • Brocade Emulex
  • LSI
  • QLogic


Recommended Switch Manufacturers

  • Brocade
  • CISCO 
  • QLogic


Recommended Network Devices

  • Bridgeworks EFC102200
  • Bridgeworks EFC402400
  • Bridgeworks SSFC 150 WANrockIT 


Recommended Tape Media Vendors

Only the following media manufacturers and vendors are recommended and approved for use in Spectra tape libraries:

  • Spectra Logic
  • FujiFilm
  • HPE
  • IBM
  • Sony

CAUTION: Do not use any type of tape drive or media that has not been approved by Spectra Logic for use in the Spectra Logic data protection products. If you intend to use media other than those listed as approved above, please contact Spectra Logic Technical Support for more information.