Storage Crisis Lifeline


Storage Crisis Lifeline (SCL) is another industry-first for Spectra Logic. For qualifying customers, Spectra will provide a loaner library in the event a disaster situation has damaged or destroyed the original product such that it cannot be used to restore data.  In addition to providing the loaner equipment, Spectra will provide remote or on-site installation, depending on the size and complexity of the library being supplied.

This program continues Spectra's trend of going beyond hardware innovation to examine and address the needs of customers in a high-availability environment.

How It Works

Once a documentable disaster has been established:

  • Our Professional Services group will work with you to determine the appropriate loaner library, as well as needed installation and integration resources and any required on-site support. 
  • Spectra will ship the loaner library within 24 business hours, with next-day delivery.
  • The loaner library will be available for a three week period; an extension may be possible in extreme circumstances.
  • Additional Professional Services may be purchased at a discounted rate throughout the duration of the incident (subject to the availability of resources).

Who Qualifies

Storage Crisis Lifeline benefits are available under the following conditions:

  • The product affected is located in North America or Europe.
  • The product affected is covered by a current on-site service contract.
  • Normal business operations where the product is located have been interrupted by a documentable natural disaster.