Disk Systems Supportable Lifespan Policy

All Spectra disk systems have a set supportable lifespan. This lifespan is the length of time Spectra Logic will offer a support contract on the unit, including any extensions.

  1. The Verde and BlackPearl NAS products have a 5-year supportable lifespan.
  2. The BlackPearl converged storage system has a 7-year supportable lifespan.

The supportable lifespan is based on the contract start date. Support contracts may be purchased up to the total length of the supportable lifespan. Existing contracts may acquire extensions accumulating to the total length of the supportable lifespan.

Each system has a single support contract, and that system includes, but is not limited to, the master node chassis, hard disk drives, solid state drives, expansion chassis, bezel, network cards, HBA and any other peripherals sold by Spectra Logic for that system.* The supportable lifespan applies to the entire system, including any upgrades purchased after the initial sale and any hardware support replacements. Components, subcomponents and peripherals, including hard disk drives and solid-state drives, for that system may not be transferred to a new or different system at the end of the lifespan or at any other point.

At the end of your disk systems supportable lifespan, a lifecycle transition is required to move the data to a different or new system with a valid support contract. Any upgrades or expansions cannot move (transfer) to the new system. When the time comes to start planning for a product lifecycle transition, contact your Spectra Professional Services engineer to help build a custom plan to fit the needs of your systems configuration.  Our Professional Services group are trained in designing and implementing disk and tape solutions tailored to our customers’ requirements. You can contact our Professional Service engineers via email at professionalservices@spectralogic.com, sales@spectralogic.com or call us at 303-449-0160.

Further details on transition: https://spectralogic.com/products/blackpearl-nas/spectraguard-support/

* SMR drives are the exception and no contract will be renewed for configurations using SMR drives upon the expiration of the existing Support agreement.