Product Relocation

The following procedures and policies apply to Spectra Logic products that are under any level of service contract, including warranty.

  • See the table at the bottom of this page to determine whether Spectra Logic allows a specific product to be packaged and unpackaged by the customer.
  • It is understood that any relocation of a Spectra Logic unit (even within the same data center) is best completed with both the use of appropriate Spectra Logic packing materials and a trained Spectra Logic agent. Should the unit be moved outside of these conditions, it is understood that the customer becomes entirely responsible for any and all damages to the unit caused or contributed to by the move or an improper reinstallation. It is also understood that it will be the sole responsibility of Spectra Logic to determine if any damage was caused / contributed to by said movement of the unit.
  • Failure to follow these procedures may result in voiding the warranty or service contract and may require a recertification of the unit, at the customer's expense.
  • Spectra Logic Sales must be contacted prior to a unit relocation at to alert us of the new location and to receive a quote for either the required phone consultation or relocation services.

Relocation Procedures & Policies

The following apply to all relocations, whether they are performed by the customer or by Spectra Logic: 

  • A pre-relocation phone consultation with the customer and a Spectra Logic Professional Services team member is required and will be arranged by Spectra Logic’s scheduling team.
  • Spectra Logic packaging must be used.  If the original packaging is no longer available and in usable condition, the required materials can be purchased from Spectra Logic.
  • If Spectra Logic is packaging and unpackaging the product, the customer must provide a minimum of ten business days notice to schedule appropriate field personnel.
  • The customer is responsible for arranging logistics and execution of the physical movement of the product from its current location to its future destination. It is highly recommended to use professional data center movers to do the physical relocation.
  • In the event that Spectra Logic identifies damages stemming from a relocation performed by the customer, the customer’s Support contract will be suspended until appropriate repairs have been made. All costs associated with these repairs, including but not limited to, parts, travel, and labor costs, will be the customer’s responsibility.
  • If the product is being moved more than 25 miles:
    • Spectra Logic cannot guarantee that the same service level will be available at the new location.
    • Spectra Logic may require up to 30 days to establish appropriate service at the new location.
    • Equipment relocated across country borders may require reestablishment of a service contract agreement. The customer will need to contact Spectra Logic to confirm availability of service and any associated costs.

Relocation Waiver

  • It is required that any customer relocating a Spectra Logic unit under their own accord sign and return a copy of our Relocation Waiver. This document outlines the procedures a customer must follow when moving a unit, in addition to the responsibility and liability the customer is assuming. 

Product-Specific Requirements

VerdeSpectra Logic Only
BlackPearlSpectra Logic Only
T50eCustomer or Spectra Logic
Spectra StackCustomer or Spectra Logic
T120Customer or Spectra Logic
T200/380/680Customer or Spectra Logic
T950 - Single FrameCustomer or Spectra Logic
T950 - Multiple FramesSpectra Logic Only
TFinitySpectra Logic Only