RMA Information

Domestic Shipments

Follow the procedure below to return a library or component to Spectra Logic.

  1. Please package the faulty or downrev library component in the original carton in which it was shipped, utilizing the packing materials provided to prevent damage during shipment.
    • Warning: Severe damage can occur if the product is not packaged correctly in its original box with the original packing materials. Replacement packaging material may be acquired if original packaging has been discarded. Ask your Spectra Logic Sales Representative for details (additional charges may apply). You may be invoiced if equipment returns damaged due to incorrect shipping.
  2. Please place the enclosed prepaid red and white shipping label (with the RMA # written on it) on the outside of this carton in a visible location. Contact UPS to schedule pick-up (1-800-PICK-UPS). Spectra Logic will pay the return freight for all domestic shipments. If you do not have a return shipping label, please contact the RMA Administrator at 1.800.227.4637 for instructions.

     Ship the package to:

Spectra Logic Corporation
ATTN: {RMA Number}
6101 Lookout Road
Boulder CO 80301-3580

Important: You must return the library or component within seven (7) days to avoid being invoiced for it.


International Shipments

Spectra Logic will arrange return shipment when a request is made to International Shipping (see the contact information below).

  1. Package the library component or product as explained above in Step 1.
  2. Fill out your portion of the International Shipping Instructions including weight and dimensions.
  3. Return this form to Spectra Logic in one of the following ways:
 Mail:Spectra Logic
International Returns
6285 Lookout Road
Boulder CO 80301-3580

If you have any questions regarding this process please call the RMA Administrator at 303-449-0160


Important Return Information

Under any warranty or service level: if Spectra Logic forwards to the customer a library or part to replace a malfunctioning library or part, the customer will return the malfunctioning unit or part to Spectra Logic (using the RMA number provided) within seven days of receipt of the replacement library or part. If the customer does not return the malfunctioning library or part within seven days (F.O.B. destination), the customer will pay for the unit or part at the then-applicable list price and upon receipt of invoice from Spectra Logic.

If the customer does not pay as provided herein and such non-payment continues for 10 days after written notice, Spectra Logic may unilaterally void the warranty and pursue all available remedies.

If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact us at 1.800.227.4637