The following procedures and policies apply to Spectra Logic products that are under any level of service contract, including warranty.

  • See the table at the bottom of this page to determine whether Spectra Logic allows a specific product to be packaged and unpackaged by the customer.
  • Failure to follow these procedures may result in voiding the warranty or service contract and may require a recertification of the library, at the customer's expense.

Contact Spectra Logic Sales at for a quote, service availability, or additional questions.


Relocation Procedures & Policies

The following apply to all moves, whether they are performed by the customer or by Spectra Logic: 

  • Spectra Logic packaging must be used.  If the original packaging is no longer available and in usable condition, contact Spectra Logic to purchase the required materials.
  • If Spectra Logic is packaging and unpackaging the product, the customer must provide a minimum of five business days' notice to schedule appropriate field personnel.
  • The customer is responsible for the physical movement of the product from its current location to its future destination.
  • If the product is being moved more than 25 miles:
    • Spectra Logic cannot guarantee that the same service level will be available at the new location.
    • Spectra Logic may require up to 30 days to establish appropriate service at the new location.
    • Equipment relocated across country borders may require reestablishment of a service contract agreement. The customer will need to contact Spectra Logic to confirm availability of service and any associated costs.


Product-Specific Requirements


Move Type
Who Can Package/Unpackage
Verde  Any  Customer or Spectra
T50e  Any   Customer or Spectra
T120   Within building  Customer or Spectra
 Between buildings  Spectra only
T200/380/680   Within building  Customer or Spectra
 Between buildings  Spectra only
T950 (single frame)  Within building  Customer or Spectra
 Between buildings  Spectra only
T950 (multi-frame)  Any  Spectra only
TFinity  Any  Spectra only