Technical Account Management


Our SpectraGuard Technical Account Management program is a personalized support service providing a single point of contact familiar with the intricacies of your data storage environment. Your Technical Account Manager (TAM) is your personal advocate within the SpectraGuard support organization, accountable to your company for managing and overseeing all technical support activities related to your Spectra product(s). TAM’s are senior technical experts with an in-depth knowledge of every aspect of your account, from your workflows and change policies, to your overall operational goals and growth management objectives. This premium service saves you effort, involvement, and time that could be better spent elsewhere in your data center, allowing you to increase productivity and focus on achieving your core business objectives.

The Technical Account Management program offers three different tiers of service, as we understand the criticality of operations and the extent of resources available to dedicate to service related activities varies by organization.

Delivered remotely by a dedicated named technical expert, the Advanced tier provides you with personalized problem resolution assistance – simplifying the case management process by coordinating incident handling, escalations and resource allocation. Elevated management attention to critical situations and expedited access to senior-level technical expertise provide a high-level focus to drive your service issues to resolution. The program delivers crucial information on the status of your unit(s) through detailed reporting, scheduled technical reviews, and analysis of key metrics.

Building on the operational efficiencies afforded by the Advanced tier, the Premium tier offers the added benefit of “Fly & Fix” response in a SEV1 situation to avoid sustained interruptions to your storage operations. Additionally, Preventative Maintenance services are included to promote the ongoing health of your unit to limit technical issues. An optional, customized training program is available to address IT staff knowledge gaps as identified by your dedicated TAM.


Combine the features and value of the Premium tier with the discerning advantage of a dedicated onsite engineer responsible for the daily functioning and maintenance of your units assures your data storage operations are handled smoothly and seamlessly without engagement of your company’s valuable resources. Expedited response to technical issues, immediate exposure to software/firmware upgrades, Preventive Maintenance performed exactly when needed, and on-demand reporting and meetings provide a comprehensive and proactive support plan. The benefit of a hands-off data storage operation is you can save valuable time and money by allocating your staff to other pressing projects in your organization.

Features of the SpectraGuard Technical Account Management Programs

Customer Advocacy
Named Account ManagerXXX
Incident Monitoring from Inception to ClosureXXX
Management Notification on Case OpeningXXX
Account Management Based on Incident HistoryXXX
Dedicated Escalations Manager on SEV1 incidentsXXX
Elevated Critical Situation ManagementXXX
Spectra Engineer Fly and Fix on Sev1 Issues XX
Dedicated Onsite Resource  X
Dedicated Resource Responsible for All Aspects of Library Maintenance and Issue Resolution  X
Immediate Parts Replacement Upon Arrival  X
Analytics and Reporting
Scheduled Incident ReportsXXX
Incident Root Cause AnalysisXXX
Open Case and Historical ReviewsXXX
Log Review During Monitoring PhaseXXX
Onsite Reviews and Reporting on As Needed Basis  X
Product Optimization
Proactive Health ChecksXXX
Preventative Maintenance Service XX
Ongoing Health Monitoring of Spectra Product  X
Best Practices and Education
Remote Introduction SessionXXX
Customizible, Hands-On Training XX
Assistance with Environmental Optimization  X
Onsite Operational Training  X


Technical Account Management Data Sheet