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Library Administration and Maintenance



Course Description

A hands-on course designed for those responsible for administering and maintaining a Spectra Tape Series product. This course provides the learner with the experience to effectively configure, monitor the product, and perform basic maintenance. 



Course Content

At the conclusion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify major library components and their functions
  • Navigate the BlueScale® user interface, both at the library  and remotely via a Web browser
  • Import/export and manage tapes and TeraPacks ® within the library
  • Perform preventive maintenance procedures
  • Collect tape drive and library traces and logs
  • Replace all customer-serviceable components


Course Overview

Library Administration and Maintenance Course Overview (PDF)




Policies & Pricing

Training Policies & Pricing (PDF)



Additional Information

For more information contact your sales representative sales@spectralogic.com.

You can also contact the Spectra Logic Technical Training department at training@spectralogic.com.