SpectraGuard Support Offerings for Tape Libraries



SpectraGuard Next Business Day On Site

For organizations in need of a cost-effective solution, but not requiring immediate onsite assistance, SpectraGuard Next Business Day On Site provides support during regular business hours and onsite parts replacement the following business day.
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24 Hour Phone is an available support upgrade for companies in need of 24x7 access to support personnel.


SpectraGuard Four Hour On Site

High-availability IT environments requiring uptime 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year will find SpectraGuard Four Hour On Site is the ideal support choice. SpectraGuard Four Hour On Site provides phone support and onsite service around the clock. Once a part replacement is deemed necessary a representative will arrive with part in hand within 4 hours, ensuring quick and efficient resolution. 
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SpectraGuard Assisted Self Maintenance (ASM) Platinum

SpectraGuard ASM Platinum is our most comprehensive self-maintenance service available, minimizing your exposure to data loss or damage through the immediate ability to replace affected parts in your unit, meaning no wait time for parts or people to arrive at your site. To provide protection for your most critical operations, our SpectraGuard ASM Platinum support option offers the ability to replace parts on demand, talk to our technical support department any time of day and benefit from the elevated feature set of our Premium Technical Account Management offering.

With a robust ASM kit of custom parts you are able to quickly make replacements by accessing your own stock of FRUs. A vast majority of issues can be addressed almost instantly, greatly reducing any downtime to your operations. Your team will be trained on your product and parts replacement to ensure they can maintain the unit on their own. Additionally this service is enhanced with an enterprise suite of features to reinforce your data protection. If your team needs to speak to technical support for guidance, they can contact us any time day or night. If the issue can’t be fixed with your team or there just isn’t the bandwidth, we will have someone at your site the next business day and in the case of a SEV 1 situation, Spectra will be onsite to assist.  A dedicated Technical Account Manager (TAM) is always working in the background to coordinate any issues your organization is facing, overseeing the incident resolution process, ensuring that if the utilization of the ASM kit is not solving the issue, additional resources are deployed and tracking the health of your unit determining when Preventive Maintenance service is required.

This service level provides our customers the flexibility to support their system on their own as they are given the tools, the parts and the training to be successful. But in the case your team is too busy or the library is in a state that is not easily recoverable, assistance is always available through your TAM, parts delivery, phone support, onsite service and other tools.  
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Supplemental Support

SpectraGuard Assisted Self Maintenance Support (ASM) 

When response times are critical and the business impact of downtime severe, our ASM support option can reduce response times to minutes, shortening potential outages dramatically. ASM is an industry-first support supplement which stocks a select group of parts onsite for immediate use should the need arise. This allows customers to complete repairs with the remote guidance of support personnel, and promptly restore operations with the full assurance that onsite support is available if needed. ASM is a perfect supplement to our SpectraGuard Next Business Day On Site or Four Hour On Site support offerings.
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Supplemental Support

SpectraGuard Technical Account Management (TAM) 

Our Technical Account Management program provides a personalized support service with a single point of contact familiar with the intricacies of your data storage environment. Your Technical Account Manager (TAM) is your personal advocate within the SpectraGuard support organization, accountable to your company for managing and overseeing all technical support activities related to your Spectra product(s). This premium service saves you effort, involvement, and time that could be better spent elsewhere in your data center, allowing you to increase productivity and focus on achieving your core business objectives.

The Technical Account Management program offers three different tiers of service, as we understand the criticality of operations and the extent of resources available to dedicate to service related activities varies by organization.

Advanced - Delivered remotely by a named technical expert at Spectra, you are provided with personalized problem resolution assistance, detailed reporting and analysis of key metrics, and improved visibility and communication regarding the status of your Spectra Logic product(s).

Premium – Building on the operational efficiencies afforded by the Advanced tier, the Premium tier offers the added elements of “Fly & Fix” response in a SEV1 situation, Preventive Maintenance services, as well as an optional, customized training program.

Enterprise – Combine the features and value of the Premium tier with the discerning advantage of a dedicated onsite resource responsible for the daily functioning and maintenance of your products to assure your operations are handled smoothly and seamlessly without engagement of your company’s valuable resources. 

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Discontinued Support

SpectraGuard Same Business Day On Site

This support level was discontinued for new purchase as of September 2018. 

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Comparison of Support Options for Tape Libraries

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Note:  Not all Support Offerings are available in all areas.